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I guess I could start here with why it is I have decided to get myself a blog. I am 27 years old and have had very little internet presence for most of my life, and certainly never a blog. I suppose that something about the very concept of one unnerved me a bit. Here is a place, out there in the incredibly accessible ether that is the internet, where any thoughts that spilled out of me and onto the page would be floating around for anyone to see. Now on one hand, I can be a very quiet, private person. But when I do speak or write, I don't really hold much back and usually feel whatever it is I am trying to express pretty deeply. The prospect of having all of it so visible to an infinite number of strangers is rather intimidating. But I do have things to say. Sometimes they are going to be more light-hearted; you will probably find posts here about music, comic books, favorite books and tv shows, hopefully even bits of poetry and short stories. Other times I will be ruminating on the meaning of life. I can honestly not say at this point exactly what will strike me as something I need to get out of my system later. But I know I will need to get things out. Right now I live in a house with three other people, sometimes more depending on who randomly decides to drop by. I have this blog because I desperately need a place where I can quietly organize my thoughts away from the people who, though I love them dearly, are constantly up my butt (seriously, I think I haven't had more than an hour to myself on any given day for the last few weeks, and it is freaking exhausting.) Maybe people will read it and see something worthwhile here, but if not, at least I have my little bubble of writing space. And if you happen to peruse this and suspect that I am someone you may know in person, please keep it to yourself and kindly allow me my anonymity and the peace of mind that it brings.

On another note, I want to say a few words about the user name that I chose. I do not use this username for anything else in order to keep myself unrecognizable. That being said, it was chosen very deliberately. It is taken from the title of a song by George Harrison that can sum up something important about who I am and why I am doing this. Below I have quoted the lyrics of the song. Many of the things that I write about here will be bits of myself that were hard fought and hard learned. I am putting them here now, for all the world to see if they so choose, with confidence and faith in them, because I know I bled for them. No one can take that from me. My life, my love, my pain, my joy, my fears, my quirks, even my goddamn enjoyment of internet cat pictures, belong to me. I have internalized the pieces of me into something more than what I once was and each piece has made me stronger and taught me to love deeper. These things belong to me, but I am putting them here and opening my heart to anyone who comes across them...opening it to anyone who can see it.

"Ive been held up,
Ive been run down
I can see quite clearly now
Through those past years,
When I played towing the line.
I only ask, that what I feel,
Should not be denied me now,
As its been earned, and
I have seen my life belongs to me
My love belongs to who can see it

Ive lived in fear,
Ive been out there,
Ive been round and
Seen my share
Of this sad world
And all the hate,
That its stirred
I only ask,
That what I know,
Should not be denied me now
As its been learned,
And I have seen my life belongs to me
My love belongs to who can see it

I only ask, that what I feel,
Should not be denied me now
As its been earned, and
I have seen my life belongs to me
My love belongs to who can see it."


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